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Bura: A Rare Genetic Disorder that Causes Skin Lesions

The main occupation of the bura people is farming. Minority of the people are subsidized farmers, though commercial farming is also practiced. The major crops are maize, guinea com, groundnut and rice.

To play one of these hands, the player holding it announces it prior to the player who won the last trick leading. If both players hold one of these combinations, a player with a bura takes priority, then one with three aces, then one with a molodka. If they announce the same type of combination, the player who won the last trick retains the right to lead.


The incredible flavor and saltiness of cheese from Pag Island is also attributed to bura. As the wind kicks up, it blows the salt from the Adriatic Sea onto the island grass. The sheep graze on the salty grass and herbs, which makes their milk supremely tasty for cheese preparation.

In Dalmatia, the sky can get clogged with a haze that makes the islands barely visible. Bura comes in and wipes the sky clean. It is said that on some days after bura, one can see Italy from the top of Biokovo Mountain. Every once in a while, there is štrokav bura, or dirty bura, that happens during rainstorms.

The strongest bura tends to happen in Senj, near Rijeka. Because of its position on the coast, bura can blow in multiple directions. During the Eastern European Cold Wave in the winter of 2012, the bura threw fish out of the sea on the island of Pag.

Because of hurricane force bura winds, the A1 highway between Sveti Rok and Posedarje junctions was closed for all traffic, as was the Rijeka-Zagreb section earlier this week. Many catamaran and ferry lines up and down the coast were also cancelled, whilst the Maslenica and Pag bridge was also closed for traffic.

Whilst the famous cold north-easterly bura wind causes havoc for commuters, many Dalmatians enjoy it as it clears the air. The bura is the most furious on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Locals say the bura which blew on Tuesday was the strongest in the last 20 years.

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