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Beauty With Brain The Movie =LINK=

In her black hoodie with scraped-back hair, winking to her cameraphone and giving a thumbs up, Lotje Sodderland looks like any young woman making a video of herself to send to a friend. But underneath the hoodie is a blood-caked scar from brain surgery. Sodderland is lucky to be alive, having suffered a massive stroke which left her unable to speak, read, write and perform even simple tasks.

Beauty with Brain the movie

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Sodderland still struggles to read and write and has had to accept the differences in her new life. "My life now is very simple, it's very focused, but actually now I've come to terms with that, I can appreciate the beauty of it." She has a new partner, a new job as a film-maker and cinematographer and is excited for the future. As well as the new series of Twin Peaks.

In 2013, Lorna Smalley was rushed to hospital with encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. She lost two years of her memory, forgetting her own daughter and even asking whether she herself was Chinese. She has now recovered, but requires dozens of daily iPhone reminders to compensate for her unreliable short-term memory.

When they form a Big, Thin, Short Trio, usually the big one will be the brawn, the thin one will be the beauty, and the short one will be the brains. When they form a Town Girls trio, usually the femme one will be the beauty, the butch one will be the brawn, and the neither will be the brains.

FLATOW: That movie clip is from "The Heavenly Body," and the woman with that lovely Austrian accent is Hedy Lamarr. Her scientist husband is played by William Powell. And while Hedy is playing the stereotypical Hollywood dumb broad in that scene, in real life, she was anything but that. In her spare time, Hedy, the glamorous movie star, was an insatiable inventor. Her most famous invention is called frequency hopping, and is still used today in some wireless technology, including Bluetooth.

FLATOW: 1-800-989-8255 if you'd like to talk about Hedy Lamarr. And we'll get into her inventions, and the one that's most famous about having to do with frequency hopping, on SCIENCE FRIDAY, from NPR. I'm Ira Flatow, talking with Richard Rhodes, author of "Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World." And she was christened that by what - a movie producer, was it?

RHODES: Someone said of her, one of the first actors who played with her in a play, that she thought of the United States as some sort of large country surrounding Hollywood, which I think is a pretty good idea of where she was. She'd always dreamed of being a movie star. And the only place you could really do that was, of course, in Hollywood. But she had a disastrous marriage at the age of 20 with the third-richest man in Austria, Fritz Mandel, who was an arms merchant who have factories making bullets and cannon shells and so forth all over Europe. And they lived, of course, a very extravagant life.

But she described it as a golden castle, a golden prison. He was a paranoid man who was sure she was cheating on him with everyone who walked through the room, and she simply felt locked up. Plus, he didn't want her to act. She had acted in a movie that had really made her name as a 19 year-old, where she had had a couple of nude scenes. And that was a scandal in Austria and in the United States, as well. Famously, Fritz is said to have tried to buy up all the copies of this film, which, of course, the people who owned the negatives simply kept making more copies, making a nice living. So...

Figure 3. Brain regions modulated by aesthetic appreciation of landscape movies. Significant clusters of activations from a whole-brain beta series GLM analysis are shown for group contrasts of 4 vs. 1 (white outlines) and 4 vs. 321 (solid red: cortical, red outline: subcortical) levels of aesthetic appeal. N = 24. Black outlines show the scene-selective regions as found by the functional localizer task. PPA, parahippocampal place area; OPA, occipital place area; NAc, Nucleus Accumbens.

Figure 5. Predicting trial-wise functional connectivity estimates between a priori ROIs from visual, reward and DMN networks. FC scores were computed between each pair of a priori ROIs, separately for each movie stimulus, and modeled as a function of overall aesthetic ratings using both linear and quadratic regressors. Heat maps show t-scores from group level one-sample t-tests, conducted with the t-scores from the regressions for each edge. For the linear effect of aesthetic appeal (lower half), FC modulations were observed mainly between nucleus accumbens (NAc) and sensory ROIs and NAc and OFC ROIs (see text). For the quadratic effect (upper half) FC modulations were found between reward and sensory ROIs, between reward and DMN ROIs and within reward ROIs. N = 24. No scores were significant at q p

Dear Quote Investigator: Reportedly there was famous exchange between the prominent playwright George Bernard Shaw and the glamorous dancer Isadora Duncan on the topic of producing a child together. Duncan stated that Shaw had a magnificent brain and she had a glorious beauty; the combination would yield a remarkable child. Shaw replied with regret that he feared the result would embody his beauty and her brains.

Here the same caution must be taken as was observed by the noted playwright who, when a famous danseuse suggested that they should mate to perpetuate his brains and her beauty, remained unmarried on the ground that their union might propagate his beauty and her brains.

Her romances continued, too. Once she wrote to Bernard Shaw suggesting that he come and visit her, hinting that a heritage of her beauty and his brains would be incomparable. But Shaw declined the invitation, telegraphing her that he feared the heritage might combine his beauty and her brains instead.

Director Ron Howard is able to suggest a core of goodness in Nash that inspired his wife and others to stand by him, to keep hope and, in her words in his darkest hour, "to believe that something extraordinary is possible." The movie's Nash begins as a quiet but cocky young man with a West Virginia accent, who gradually turns into a tortured, secretive paranoid who believes he is a spy being trailed by government agents. Crowe, who has an uncanny ability to modify his look to fit a role, always seems convincing as a man who ages 47 years during the film.

The early Nash, seen at Princeton in the late 1940s, calmly tells a scholarship winner "there is not a single seminal idea on either of your papers." When he loses at a game of Go, he explains: "I had the first move. My play was perfect. The game is flawed." He is aware of his impact on others ("I don't much like people and they don't much like me") and recalls that his first-grade teacher said he was "born with two helpings of brain and a half-helping of heart." It is Alicia who helps him find the heart. She is a graduate student when they meet, is attracted to his genius, is touched by his loneliness, is able to accept his idea of courtship when he informs her, "Ritual requires we proceed with a number of platonic activities before we have sex." To the degree that he can be touched, she touches him, although often he seems trapped inside himself; Sylvia Nasar, who wrote the 1998 biography that informs Akiva Goldsman's screenplay, begins her book by quoting Wordsworth about "a man forever voyaging through strange seas of Thought, alone." Nash's schizophrenia takes a literal, visual form. He believes he is being pursued by a federal agent (Ed Harris), and imagines himself in chase scenes that seem inspired by 1940s crime movies. He begins to find patterns where no patterns exist. One night he and Alicia stand under the sky and he asks her to name any object, and then connects stars to draw it. Romantic, but it's not so romantic when she discovers his office thickly papered with countless bits torn from newspapers and magazines and connected by frantic lines into imaginary patterns.

When he won the Nobel, Nash was asked to write about his life, and he was honest enough to say his recovery is "not entirely a matter of joy." He observes: "Without his 'madness,' Zarathustra would necessarily have been only another of the millions or billions of human individuals who have lived and then been forgotten." Without his madness, would Nash have also lived and then been forgotten? Did his ability to penetrate the most difficult reaches of mathematical thought somehow come with a price attached? The movie does not know and cannot say.

Berkova Productions filmed similar movies in twenty-one other cities. For each film local talent was used, and the firm of Finkelstein and Ruben produced the movies and, with local newspapers, provided publicity.

As for Beauty and Brains, after the all-Fort Worth movie premiered, the Hollywood film crew packed up lights and lenses and went back to Tinseltown. Fort Worth went back to life without the limelight. As far as I can determine, no copy of the all-Fort Worth movie survives. We will never know the fate of Bughouse Bronson.

I.Q. is a romantic comedy about a young man(Tim Robbins, yes the same guy who played the lead role in The Shawshank Redemption ) who falls in love with mathematical genius Albert Einstein's niece and tries to win her over with Einstein's help. You definitely can't call it a marvelous movie but a cute one with an interesting angle to have a feel-good kind of experience.

People call it a movie with a difference - More than anything, it's realistic. 'A Beautiful Mind' is biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. The story revolves around Nash developing a new concept of governing dynamics, the psychology of a man, mathematical philosophies for real-life experiences supported by one single pillar all along the way, the love of his life, his wife Alicia Nash. Watch the movie for the uniqueness it has to offer and many secrets that lie ahead of you and I promise you will not regret it but will be more than astonished for the strength it has in its storyline and background music.

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