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Wii Common Key Binrar

Wii Common Key Binrar

The Wii common key is a 16-byte hexadecimal value that is used to encrypt and decrypt Wii disc images. It is also known as the Wii master key or the Wii root key. The Wii common key is required for some applications that deal with Wii disc images, such as Wiiscrubber, Loadstructor, and U8Tool. The Wii common key is not publicly available, but it can be generated using a tool called MakeKeyBin.

What is MakeKeyBin?

MakeKeyBin is a simple tool that creates the Wii common key and the Korean key in the current directory. The Korean key is another 16-byte hexadecimal value that is used to encrypt and decrypt Korean Wii disc images. MakeKeyBin was created by Crediar, a well-known Wii hacker and developer. MakeKeyBin can be downloaded from [this link].

Download Zip:

How to use MakeKeyBin?

To use MakeKeyBin, you need to follow these steps:

  • Extract the MakeKeyBin.exe file from the downloaded archive.

  • Run the MakeKeyBin.exe file.

  • Type 42 and press Enter.

  • Two files will be generated: key.bin and kkey.bin. The key.bin file contains the Wii common key, and the kkey.bin file contains the Korean key. You can ignore the kkey.bin file unless you need it for Korean Wii disc images.

  • Copy the key.bin file to the folder where you need the Wii common key. For example, if you want to use Loadstructor, copy the key.bin file to the Loadstructor folder.

  • Rename the key.bin file to common-key.bin or COMMON-KEY.BIN, depending on the application you are using. Some applications may require a different name for the Wii common key file, so check the documentation of the application before renaming the file.

  • You can now use the application that requires the Wii common key.


  • [1]: A Reddit thread where a user asks how to get the Wii common key.

  • [2]: A GBAtemp forum thread where users discuss how to use MakeKeyBin.

  • [3]: A WiiDatabase page where users can download MakeKeyBin.

  • [4]( A CodeRetard page where users can download Wiiscrubber, which includes MakeKeyBin.

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