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Jingle Bells MP3: A Guide to the Classic Christmas Song

Jingle Bells is one of the most famous and most commonly sung American songs in the world. It was written in 1850 by James Lord Pierpont at Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts. It was published under the title "The One Horse Open Sleigh" in September 1857. It has been claimed that it was originally written to be sung by a Sunday school choir for Thanksgiving, or as a drinking song. Although it has no original connection to Christmas, it became associated with winter and Christmas music in the 1860s and 1870s, and it was featured in a variety of parlor song and college anthologies in the 1880s. It was first recorded in 1889 on an Edison cylinder; this recording, believed to be the first Christmas record, is lost, but an 1898 recording also from Edison Records survives.

In this article, you will learn more about the history, lyrics, chords, and versions of Jingle Bells. You will also find some links to download Jingle Bells MP3 files for free or for a small fee. Whether you want to sing along, play along, or just listen to this classic Christmas song, this guide will help you enjoy it more.

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History of Jingle Bells

James Lord Pierpont, who was the uncle of J. P. Morgan, originally copyrighted the song with the name "The One Horse Open Sleigh" on September 16, 1857. The songwriting credit given was "Song and Chorus written and composed by J. Pierpont." Possibly intended as a drinking song, it didn't become a Christmas song until decades after it was first performed. Pierpont, a supporter of the Confederacy, dedicated the song to "John P. Ordway, Esq.", an organizer of a blackface minstrel troupe called "Ordway's Aeolians".

It is an unsettled question where and when Pierpont originally composed the song that would become known as "Jingle Bells". A plaque at 19 High Street in the center of Medford Square in Medford, Massachusetts, commemorates the "birthplace" of "Jingle Bells", and claims that Pierpont wrote the song there in 1850, at what was then the Simpson Tavern. Previous local history narratives claim the song was inspired by the town's popular sleigh races during the 19th century.

The song was republished in 1859 by Oliver Ditson and Company, 277 Washington Street, Boston, with the new title "Jingle Bells; or, The One Horse Open Sleigh". The sheet music cover featured a drawing of sleigh bells around the title. Sleigh bells were strapped across the horse to make the jingle, jangle sound. The song was first performed on September 15, 1857, at Ordway Hall in Boston by the blackface minstrel performer Johnny Pell. The song was in the then popular style or genre of "sleighing songs". Pierpont's lyrics are strikingly similar to lines from many other sleigh-riding songs that were popular at the time; researcher Kyna Hamill argued that this, along with his constant need for money, led him to compose and release the song solely as a financial enterprise: "Everything about the song is churned out and copied from other people and lines from other songsthere's nothing original about it."

Lyrics of Jingle Bells

The original lyrics of Jingle Bells consist of four verses and a chorus. The first verse and chorus are the most well-known and often sung parts of the song. The other verses tell a humorous story of a sleigh ride gone wrong. Here are the lyrics with some explanations:

Chords of Jingle Bells

If you want to play Jingle Bells on your guitar, piano, or ukulele, you will need to know the chords of the song. The song is in the key of C major, and it uses only four chords: C, F, G, and D7. Here is a table that shows the chords for each line of the song:



Dashing through the snow


In a one-horse open sleigh


O'er the fields we go


Laughing all the way


Bells on bobtail ring


Making spirits bright


What fun it is to ride and sing

G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7 G D7

A sleighing song tonight!


Jingle bells, jingle bells,


Jingle all the way.


Oh! what fun it is to ride


In a one-horse open sleigh.

D7 G

Versions of Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells has been recorded and performed by many artists in different styles and languages over the years. Some of the most famous and popular versions are:

  • Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters (1943): This version was recorded for Crosby's album Merry Christmas and became a hit during World War II. It features a swing arrangement and vocal harmonies by The Andrews Sisters.

  • Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters (1951): This version was recorded for Como's album Around the Christmas Tree and became a staple of his Christmas specials. It features a pop arrangement and vocal duets by Como and The Fontane Sisters.

  • Frank Sinatra (1957): This version was recorded for Sinatra's album A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra and became one of his signature songs. It features a jazz arrangement and Sinatra's smooth vocals.

  • The Beatles (1963): This version was recorded for The Beatles' fan club as part of their Christmas messages. It features a rock and roll arrangement and humorous ad-libs by The Beatles.

  • Bobby Helms (1957): This version was recorded for Helms' single Jingle Bell Rock and became a classic rock and roll Christmas song. It features a guitar riff and Helms' energetic vocals.

  • Barbra Streisand (1967): This version was recorded for Streisand's album A Christmas Album and became a showcase of her vocal range. It features a fast tempo and Streisand's dramatic vocals.

  • Boney M. (1981): This version was recorded for Boney M.'s album Christmas Album and became a disco hit. It features a dance beat and Boney M.'s catchy vocals.

  • Mariah Carey (1994): This version was recorded for Carey's album Merry Christmas and became a modern pop classic. It features a R&B groove and Carey's powerful vocals.

  • Michael Bublé (2011): This version was recorded for Bublé's album Christmas and became a contemporary crooner favorite. It features a big band arrangement and Bublé's smooth vocals.

  • Pentatonix (2014): This version was recorded for Pentatonix's album That's Christmas to Me and became a viral sensation. It features an acapella arrangement and Pentatonix's harmonious vocals.


people around the world. It has a simple melody, catchy lyrics, and a festive spirit that make it a perfect song for the holiday season. Whether you want to sing it, play it, or listen to it, you can find many versions of Jingle Bells MP3 files online. You can also learn more about the history, lyrics, and chords of the song in this article. We hope you enjoyed this guide and that you have a merry Christmas!

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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Jingle Bells:

Who wrote Jingle Bells?

  • Jingle Bells was written by James Lord Pierpont, an American composer and songwriter who lived from 1822 to 1893. He wrote the song in 1850 at Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts.

What is the original title of Jingle Bells?

  • The original title of Jingle Bells was "The One Horse Open Sleigh". It was published under this title in September 1857 by Oliver Ditson and Company in Boston.

Is Jingle Bells a Christmas song?

Jingle Bells was not originally intended as a Christmas song. It was written as a sleighing song or a drinking song for the winter season. It beca

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