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Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen

Addicts Gays Because Theyre Sexually.

Gay male sex addicts are not compulsively sexual because of their sexual orientation. Rather, they are compulsively sexual in response to their individual emotional/psychological issues and/or their biological predisposition towards addiction. These are similar reasons why heterosexual male sex addicts are compulsively sexual. In other words, sexual orientation and sexual addiction are unrelated.

Addicts gays because theyre sexually.

Research suggests that approximately 10 percent of gay men may be sexually addicted. This number may seem low to some compulsively sexual gay men because these individuals tend to surround themselves with other gay men who are acting out sexually. As such, to many gay sex addicts it looks like absolutely everyone is a guest at the never-ending sex party. Even gay male sex addicts who isolate themselves (by only acting out online or compulsively masturbating in private settings) see a densely populated sex culture (e.g., porn, chat rooms, virtual sex worlds, hookup apps) when they service their addiction.

Gay male sex addicts often struggle with multiple addictions. Alcohol and methamphetamine are the substances most commonly abused by gay male sex addicts. Meth abuse is particularly troublesome because its long-term side effects are so debilitating. Nevertheless, this drug is often the preferred party favor for anonymous sexual activity in bathhouses, sex clubs, and via hookup websites and apps. This is because meth creates a sense of euphoria, intensity and power, as well as the drive to obsessively do whatever activity the user wishes to engage in, including having sex. People using meth have reported being sexual for an entire day, even two or three, without sleeping, eating or coming down. Making matters worse is the fact that disinhibiting substances (such as meth and alcohol) increase the risk for unsafe sex and STDs, including HIV.

This means that LGBT sex and porn addicts are not compulsively sexual because of their sexual orientation. Rather, they are compulsively sexual as a way to self-soothe stress, emotional discomfort, and the pain of underlying psychological issues like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, shame, attachment deficits, unresolved childhood and/or severe-adult trauma, etc. In this respect, LGBT sex and porn addicts are exactly like heterosexual sex addicts. They are also exactly like gambling addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts, compulsive spenders, and the like.

Legalizing gay marriage involves values respected in heterosexual relationships because heterosexuals are considered to possess a higher share in humanity than gays. Whether this is openly admitted or not by those who oppose gay marriage is irrelevant. It is the logical terminus of a thought process that starts with arbitrary reasons for why two people of the same sex cannot get married. 350c69d7ab

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