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Josiah Thomas
Josiah Thomas


In the game BLOOD COPTER, you will have to fight on powerful combat helicopters that allow you to effectively destroy enemy military equipment. At the disposal of the gamer will be Ch-47, AW159, MI-35, Mi-17, Mi-26, UH-60L, CH-53, V-22, Ka-52 and other models. Each aircraft carries the most modern weapons. The participant will be able to buy different types of machine guns, rocket launchers, torpedoes and bombs. You can earn money for this by completing difficult quests.

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Events unfold in several locations with an original and stylish design. The player will visit large cities and the ocean surface, see mountains and deserts. The gameplay consists of many challenging missions. To complete the next task, you need to shoot down enemy helicopters and fighters, sink ships and submarines, blow up tanks and bases.