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Things You Can Buy At Disney World EXCLUSIVE

You have a booklet and you have to find things inside the book while talking to the Wilderness Explorer Guides- you also get free stickers! This is something I recommend for the kids AND the adults because the guides can change what they tell you based on the age group.

things you can buy at disney world

Besides these 8 things, you should be able to find the vast majority of items you need and want in Disney World Resort. Therefore, as long as you pack your favorite Pepsi products, toss in plenty of patience, and let go of crazy fantasies of unlimited FastPasses, you should be good to go!

I always add a variety of Ziploc bags to our packing list because they're so handy for leftover food, keeping your essentials dry on water rides, and separating things in your backpack. These are super helpful to have packed with you.