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Downloading Audio Clips From Messenger: A Simple Trick You Need to Know

How to Download a Voice Message From Messenger

Voice messages are a convenient way of communicating with your friends and family on Facebook Messenger. You can record and send audio clips that capture your emotions, tone, and personality. But what if you want to keep those voice messages for later? Maybe you want to save a precious memory, a funny joke, or an important piece of information. Or maybe you just want to free up some space on your phone or computer.

Whatever your reason, downloading a voice message from Messenger is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike photos and videos, there is no option to save or download audio recordings or voice messages on the app or the web version. You may think that you can simply forward the voice message to your email or another app, but that won't work either. Messenger doesn't allow you to share voice messages outside of the app.